Maya & Angela Mallick, Dynamic Women

Maya and Angela Mallick are the owners and experience makers behind the Culver Hotel, one of Southern California’s most historic and gracious icons. They share a powerful and enduring partnership based on their lifelong love of design and entertaining. Their mother’s legacy as a pioneering female hotelier and restauranteur inspired their own mission to make the legendary flatiron a place to cultivate genuine hospitality in a beautiful setting while welcoming guests from around the corner and across the globe.

What connects you personally and professionally?

We are sisters, creative soulmates and entrepreneurs raised in a family of dynamic women. Growing up in Europe, we were constantly on a cultural mission to discover character properties and how they highlight their singularity, local ambiance and artisanship.

When did you acquire the Culver Hotel and what is your mission?

We purchased the hotel twelve years ago with the desire to revive the energy of a storied landmark through an artistic and modern lens, and to invoke the essence of grand old world hotels, while remaining relevant and fresh. Over the last decade, we have had the pleasure of curating unique experiences through events, dining, music and art, and have enjoyed blending in the many inspiring elements encountered during our travels. All of this is a natural extension of our brand and we are proud that the Culver Hotel stands again as an iconic destination that brings people happiness, beauty and history.

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How did you go about restoring the Culver Hotel and what makes some of the spaces memorable?

Falling for a National Historic Landmark came with a responsibility to preserve its architectural integrity. We worked with artisans to design era appropriate pieces and have been involved in every detail of the renovations to impress the hotel’s innate elegance and authenticity. Our Grand Lobby is the soulful welcome to our classic 1924 property and comes alive every evening with candlelight, cocktails and live jazz. The Gallery level features our modular event spaces which were restored to evoke a classic Parisian loft feel and houses our hotel gallery as a nod to Culver City’s thriving art scene. We have created a warm ambiance of luxury and nostalgia for our guests thanks to our wonderful team.

How do you support the thriving Culver City community?

Culver City celebrated its 100th Birthday at the Culver Hotel with an imaginative Masquerade Ball and is a favorite gathering place in the neighborhood. We support education and the arts as these are personally important to us and key components in contributing to a city’s vibrancy. We recently headquartered the week long Asian World Film Festival and will be hosting festive parties and community events throughout the holiday season.

What does the future hold?

We will continue to elevate the guest experience and promote our hotel as a venue for highlighting talent, educational happenings and whatever may spark our curiosity whether it be winemaking, floral design or wellness. Our Artists in Residence series is the collaborative platform where we connect with like-minded creative partners who want to share the magic with us. We will keep embracing the new energy and innovation coming into our city while staying true to ourselves. Hospitality is an art from the heart and what we are all about.

As published by Angeleno Magazine, December 2019 For the Dynamic Women Issue

Written by: Matthew Stewart

Photo by: Philip Macias

Tags: Press, Art & Culture


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