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Culver City Hotel

Our Story

A guest once told me, ‘The Culver Hotel is an icon, whether you like it or not,’ and I have found that to be true on many levels. A rich cinematic history, illustrious past owners and guests, and its unusual shape are only part of its marvelous charm. What sets us apart is the authentic and soulful energy people feel when they walk through our doors. A visit to The Culver Hotel is always an opportunity to be inspired by the elegance of the past and feel a warm sense of hospitality.

Upon discovering The Culver Hotel in 2006, something about the property was deeply moving. Despite its neglected state, I was inspired to bring it back to life through an artistic and modern lens—not just as a hotel but through events, dining, music and art. Having spent most of my childhood in Europe surrounded by history and craftsmanship left me with a longing to bring out the beauty and nostalgia of the past. This is how my passion project began, alongside my sister Angela and a wonderful team. Restoring the neighborhood’s architectural jewel came with a greater responsibility as it represented such an integral part of Culver City’s history. We are proud of how our initial vision came to life and of the significant role the hotel’s comeback has played in the revitalization of our vibrant town.

What sets us apart is the authentic and
soulful energy people feel when
they walk through our doors

I am thankful to those who have been with us since the early years, and to our well-wishing friends, family and guests who were by our side fueling the positive vision. The beauty of the creative process is that it continues and evolves like history itself. I hope each time you step into our magical little world, you will be inspired to take a piece of The Culver Hotel with you.


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The Art of Hospitality

The art of hospitality goes back centuries. In ancient Greek, it translates to “guest friendship,” the generosity, kindness, and courtesy shown to those who are far from home. 

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The Art of Hospitality

In our home at The Culver Hotel, our team has made an art form of taking care of people and making them feel like they belong. We approach each day with enthusiasm, energy, and creativity and strive to evoke a true sense of hospitality through genuine warmth, intuitive service, and personalized attention. Whether it’s a meticulously prepared tea sandwich, a fresh flower in a crystal vase, or a perfectly fluffed pillow, we believe it’s the simple daily rituals and little luxuries that make all the difference. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Love of Design

The hotel’s 1920’s architecture, storied past, and our appreciation of all things vintage-inspired us to reimagine the property into what it is today. 

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Love of Design

We envisioned a unique and artistic interior, filled with eclectic finds, rich textures, and thoughtful design that stays true to the integrity of a landmark building. To preserve this authenticity pieces were collected over time, meticulously refurbished or custom-built by our master carpenter. We brought in contemporary elements and playful proportions to create unexpected moments but worked with classic materials such as marble, wood, and antique brass to achieve a timeless palette. Everything came together to create a visual melange where no two rooms are the same. As always, travel continues to play an important role in the evolution of the design, guests will feel an unmistakable French influence and European sophistication. We continue on our quest to find inspiration and believe that if you stay true to what you believe is beautiful, everything will come together in the most natural way.